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Khitomer Peace Awards



Outstanding Community Member

Awarded to an individual who hasn’t just made an impact on a game, but a profound mark on the simming community as a whole.

Outstanding Game

Awarded to a simulation that is outstanding amongst the community.

Outstanding Website

Recognizes a sim with an extraordinary website.

Outstanding Mission

Recognizes a sim that has conducted an outstanding mission

Long Timer

Recognizing a sim/game of 3+ years that has made a remarkable impact on the community.

Honored Newcomer

Honoring a sim created in the last calendar year that shows great potential.


Outstanding Character

Award for a player who has crafted an incredible character with a fully developed bio and has been in place on a sim for at least 3-6 months.

Outstanding Game Master

Award for a game master who has not just created an outstanding sim, but also fostered a remarkable environment out-of-character.

Outstanding Player

Award for a player who has made outstanding contributions to a sim.

Outstanding Post

A post that stands out and blows the reader away with its quality.