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2022 Event

Saturday, February 19, 2022

The 4th Annual Khitomer Conference will be held on Saturday, February 19, 2022 beginning at 10:30am ET / 3:30pm GMT.

10:30AM ET

7:30am PT
3:30pm GMT


Location: Room One
Hosts: Khitomer Administrative Team

11:00AM ET

8:00am PT
4:00pm GMT

The Art of Sun Tzu

The how-to’s of writing a combat scene (close combat, space combat, fighter combat time-permitting) to make it seem like you’re actually there in the thick of things.

Location: Room One
Host: Mikey (Pegasus Fleet)

Starships! More That Just Vehicles

How to make your ship class a character in your game.

Location: Room Two
Host: Cipher (Pegasus Fleet)

12:00PM ET

9:00am PT
5:00pm GMT

The Prime Directive

Dissecting and Debating Star Trek’s Most Sacred Rule

Location: Room One
Host: AlexM (Pegasus Fleet)

Recreation on a Starship

What to do when you’re off duty!

Location: Room Two
Host: ShadowWind (USF)

1:00PM ET

10:00am PT
6:00pm GMT

Starships and You

“Exploring what goes into developing a new ship design and making your ship into a character.”

Location: Room One
Host: CipherHornet (Pegasus Fleet)

Unique vs. Special

The Power of “Ordinary” in Character Creation

Location: Room Two
Host: Terrie (Theta Fleet)

2:00PM ET

11:00am PT
7:00pm GMT

Character Truth Bombs

A truth bomb about writing certain character types.

Location: Room One
Host: Amethyst (PF) and Ehestri (OF)

Creative Engineering

If you’ve never heard of Renee Salchin, be glad!

Location: Room Two
Host: Mikey (Pegasus Fleet)

3:00PM ET

12:00pm PT
8:00pm GMT

Cooperative Writing

Help Me, Help You: Bootstrapping Writing Together

Location: Room One
Hosts: Sepandiyar & Nikki (Obsidian Fleet)

Reviewing Sim Applications

Matching the right player to the right sim!

Location: Room Two
Host: Amanda (RPGW)

4:00PM ET

1:00pm PT
9:00pm GMT

Sample Posts

The bane of every simmers existence, but are they really necessary?

Location: Room One
Hosts: Amanda (RPGW)

Confessions of a New Simmer

An open discussion with the community about being a new face in simming

Location: Room Two
Host: Maho Takahashi (Theta Fleet)

5:00PM ET

2:00pm PT
10:00pm GMT

Writing in the Slow Lane

What to write when the main plot seems to be passing you by.

Location: Room One
Host: Angelus (USF)

Same Difference

Pros and Cons of various modes of simming.

Location: Room Two
Host: Angelus (USF)

6:00PM ET

3:00pm PT
11:00pm GMT

Course Corrections

How to Navigate Changing Canon

Location: Room One
Hosts: DougC & AlexM (Pegasus Fleet)


The Advances of 247 live Sims with full decks and channels

Location: Room Two
Bryn Miller

7:00PM ET

4:00pm PT
12:00am GMT


Location: Room One
Hosts: Khitomer Administrative Team