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Khitomer Peace Award Winner

Recipient: Nikki (Obsidian Command)
Award Earned: Outstanding Player
Link to Character Bio or Player's Site: Click Here
Award Date: March 15, 2024

Reason for the award

Nikki is the Executive Officer of Obsidian Command (Obsidian Fleet). I have been simming for a fair while and it is the first time I see a player with so many qualities. She is not only passionate and dedicated to the game, she also excels at encouraging the crew to write by highlighting what qualities they possess. She is also a fantastic storyteller who portrays her characters to perfection. Whether she writes for Commander Zahn, her main character, lower ranks or even civilians, her attention to detail and ability to create vivid imagery make her stories come alive. Reading her posts is like reading stories from a book, they are that captivating. I always look forward to them and they inspire me to improve my own writing.

Beyond Nikki’s unique talent for bringing out the best in her crew, she is also a talented co-leader. She keeps track of the many details that make a mission and those, (more down to earth but equally important for character building), that form the daily life of Obsidian Command’s population. Thanks to her unwavering attention we have a fantastic community. One where every character feels incredibly realistic and valued, no matter their rank.