2021 Event

Saturday, February 20, 2021

Transcripts for this event are now available! Click HERE for the transcripts.

10:30AM ET

7:30am PT
3:30pm GMT


Location: Room One
Hosts: 22nd Fleet, Obsidian Fleet, Pegasus Fleet

11:00AM ET

8:00am PT
4:00pm GMT

How to Write Character Weaknesses

How to Write Memorable Characters? Focus on character weaknesses. Make characters jump off the page by making characters that avoids two dimensional or bland characters and encourage writing interaction.

Location: Room One
Hosts: AmandaRose (RPG Writing)

Basics of Being a GM

Basics of being a GM will touch on some common things that GMs face in the day to day running of a sim.

Location: Room Two
Hosts: SteveClaypole (Zodiac Fleet)

12:00PM ET

9:00am PT
5:00pm GMT

Creating a Community Lore Sandbox

How Lore can be used to create a simmverse – a community-wide sandbox to allow different sims to connect via shared concepts and storylines, and how to integrate these with evolving canon.

Location: Room One
Hosts: Obsidian Fleet Communications Team

Ask A GM

Ever wondered what it takes to start a game? Or do you need some advice? Come by this panel to ask your questions and get answers!

Location: Room Two
Host: greenfelt (22nd Fleet)

1:00PM ET

10:00am PT
6:00pm GMT

Starships: More Than Just Vehicles

We all know how much a Mary Sue character can derail things, but what about a ship? Ships are more than vehicles; they’re also characters and in this discussion, we’ll go over not only how to figure out what to offer for options but also how to look at it as a character in your sim.

Location: Room One
Hosts: CipherHornet (Pegasus Fleet)

Social Constructs of Simming Communities

A discussion about the role of our simming community plays in social well being, how we can do more within our communities and the importance of doing more than ‘just writing’ together.

Location: Room Two
Hosts: Thompson (Pegasus Fleet)

2:00PM ET

11:00am PT
7:00pm GMT

Age Ratings

Their levels, systems and the difference between adult writing and X-rated.

Location: Room One
Hosts: Obsidian Fleet Fleet Council

Pick a number, any number: different structures for adventure design

A quick gallop through a variety of ways to structure an adventure, from the simple to the complex.

Location: Room Two
Hosts: Beautiful Night

3:00PM ET

12:00pm PT
8:00pm GMT

Character Creation

“It doesn’t come as a surprise that GMs look for a “good character bio” when deciding whether or not to approve an application – but what does that mean, exactly? How does one come up with a good character bio that is not unnecessarily long and not horribly short, but is “just right”?”

Location: Room One
Hosts: Gregory (Pegasus Fleet)

Sci-Fi Television and Movie Trivia

Join us for an hour filled with 50 thought provoking questions!

Location: Room Two
Hosts: PhoenixLalor

4:00PM ET

1:00pm PT
9:00pm GMT

The (Un)Importance of Canon

Following canon has always been the Star Trek writer’s Prime Directive. But just like the in-universe Prime Directive, the rule has been bent, broken, and ignored more times than we can count. So it begs the question, is canon truly the rule? Or is it really more like a guideline?

Location: Room One
Hosts: AlexM (Pegasus Fleet)

How to Play: Telepaths

There are a number of ways to play telepaths without going overboard or making them too powerful. This presentation offers a reasonable approach to playing telepaths that makes their ability both a strength and a weakness.

Location: Room Two
Hosts: Kathryn Burke (Theta Fleet)

5:00PM ET

2:00pm PT
10:00pm GMT

How to Play: Marines

Marines have a special pride in being Marines because Marines are synonymous with toughness. You say someone’s a Marine and that instantly means something. Loyalty. Honor. Sacrifice. Best of the best. First to Fight. Discipline. Here we’ll look at playing a Starfleet Marines and make them believable.

Location: Room One
Hosts: Theta Fleet

Size Doesn’t Matter – It’s How You Use It That Counts!

The advantages of smaller crew sizes and how to make it work.

Location: Room Two
Hosts: Amethyst (Pegasus Fleet)

6:00PM ET

3:00pm PT
11:00pm GMT

How to Play: Intelligence

Intel is not James Bond or IMF. While it’s a lot of research and archiving, there are a number of ways you can have fun playing an intel officer and get involved in the day-to-day activities on a starship or starbase while still doing occasional undercover work.

Location: Room One
Hosts: Kathryn Burke (Theta Fleet)

Writing Posts with the Reader in Mind

This panel will discuss how to approach improving your post writing by building on and going beyond writing for your own joy or even the pleasure of collaboration. We’ll discuss how remembering to also invite the reader to your post can be transformative for your compositions.

Location: Room Two
Hosts: Nikki (Obsidian Fleet)

7:00PM ET

4:00pm PT
12:00am GMT


Location: Room One
Hosts: 22nd Fleet, Obsidian Fleet, Pegasus Fleet